Why Silicon Wiper Blades?

It is only reasonable to want windshield wipers that will do the best job possible and improve visibility while driving in wet weather.

That's why you should replace traditional rubber for new silicone wiper blades. See for yourself what you've been missing out on, while improving the safety of your vehicle and those who travel in it.

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How do silicone wipers work?

Silicone blades apply microscopic amounts of silicone with every wipe of your windscreen. This causes water to bead and shed off the windscreen with ase. The water will not smear causing a blurry and unclear layer of water on the windscreen. Improve your safety and wipe quality by upgrading to a premium silicone wiper blade.


Silicone blades are far more durable in various weather conditions. Unlike rubber, they do not soften in hot temperatures, then crack when it gets cold. They retain their functional qualities from -63C to 177C.


Silicone blades provide superior wipe quality years after organic rubber wipers fail. Silicone has superior resistance to fuels, oils, acid rain, washer fluid and road grime.


Silicone blades are an environmentally conscious solution because they are inert and will not harm the environment.


Because rubber softens and hardens, they can easily screech as they slide across the windshield within a short time. Silicone wipers are quieter because a lubricant from the wipers makes the water bead better and the blades slide more easily.


Buy silicone blades and save twice! How? For far less the price of a good quality rubber blade, you can quickly convert to silicone blades which last twice as long.


The best rubber wipers perform well for about six to nine months, whether they are rubber or silicone. Although silicone wipers are touted to perform better, tests by Consumer Reports found that there was no consistency of better performance by them after that time period.

But I've got a new car

Most car manufacturers will save money where possible. Unfortunately wiper blades is an easy target for them. Even if you have a new car, it won't be long before your wipers will need replacing. Make the change now and get a clearer view!

Easy or Free Installation

In just a few minutes you can install your own new silicone wiper blades. Just pop over to our helpful videos page. If you're in Auckland, come and see us and we'll do it for you at no cost!

Convinced yet?  Buy Now for $69 incl free shipping.